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Typeset in Lato, a typeface designed by Łukasz Dziedzic of tyPoland, Poland. Some icons typeset in Open Iconic, an icon set designed by P.J. Onori, Dave Johnson and Ryan Teuscher of Waybury, United States. End marks set in Weather Underground Icons, an icon set designed by Ashley Jager, United States.

Kanji set in Source Han Sans (released by Google as part of Noto), a typeface designed by Ryōko Nishizuka et al.

Code snippets set in VT323, a typeface digitized by Peter Hull, Jacques Le Bailly et al.

The HTML in this blog is pre-generated from plain text files using a custom system designed by the author.

Pages are indexed by the author using a custom system designed by the author loosely based on LaTeX syntax. The Chinese-language index makes use of stroke count data in Unihan Dictionary-like Data, Version 9.0.0, a data set published by the Unicode Consortium.

All photos are taken by the author. The default image is a trial proof for The year of the golden cow, a lino print the author worked on in 2021.

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This site has been tested for keyboard navigation and with the TalkBack screen reader on Android, although this site is not currently required to comply with WCAG AA in Ontario.

Colour contrast on this site is currently not compliant with WCAG Level AA; this will eventually be mitigated but please read my thoughts on problems with the colour contrast rules.