Ambrose Li

Darn it!

I never knew darning was a thing, until I stumbled on it today. In fact, it is an incredibly difficult thing to do.‍[Note 1]

I’ve actually been meaning to do exactly this (without knowing there’s a word for it), but so far I’ve failed miserably because I have been far too impatient. So my theory was sound that if I could somehow weave my thread through a hole I should be able to patch it but I didn’t actually believe this is technically possible, so I have been half-heartedly rushing it though, and getting all the mechanics wrong in the process.

Now that I know this is an actual thing and there are actual proper techniques, I’m going to try doing this properly, but I wonder how long it will take to patch any hole...


  1. “Darning: 4 Best methods to repair holes in a shirt,” https://​sewguide​.com/​darning/​.