Ambrose Li

How are you?

I should have answered the text, but it’s still sitting in my WhatsApp, waiting. The last sentence simply read: How are you?

Yesterday I realized, I’m not okay.

But by how much? I don’t know.

So I have two memberships that have lapsed already, and I’m still deciding what to do with them.

The first one, I once said, “I’ll give it one year and see if I can make it work.” That was I don’t know three years ago? and it’s still not working out, and of course covid lockdown was part of the reason last year had no chance of it working out. The person I talked to had already left a year after I told him I’d try just one more year.

The second one offers a discounted rate for “members who are experiencing financial challenges”. Do I count? I suppose I should, but there’s no objective criteria. So I honestly don’t know.