Ambrose Li
The ugly metronome I’d rather not see

The ugly metronome

(updated )

“I wish I’d bought a metronome the first time I went down[town to the music store].”

Instead, I now have to live with this ugliest of metronomes that I’ve ever seen. The typography is ugly. The colour is ugly. And it’s plastic but in a fake wood grain pattern that even looks fake.

The cover doesn’t even work, I spent like 10 minutes popping it off I’m not going to put it back on.

No, it’s not my metronome (it’s my mom’s), but it’s me who know where to get music gear, and it will be me who’ll be vacuuming this thing.

It started when I was told to open the package that she ordered through her piano teacher and saw three “simplified” characters peeking at me:

浅木纹 [light-coloured wood pattern]
My heart sank when I opened the package and saw this

Yes, I knew it had to be MIC[Note 1] given the unreasonably low price but I was still disappointed.

Sure, I didn’t do my due dilligence and ended up with a few MIC pieces of clothing (I honestly don’t know what to do with them. I don’t want to see them, but I don’t want to return them) so I’m not exactly not guilty, but at least I try to do some due dilligence now, before I buy anything.

Why do I care so much about NMIC[Note 2]? Because the PR of C has destroyed my birthplace. They’re also a cheater country. Just ask our athletes who decided to go to the Olympics even though the safety of a fellow athlete was in question.‍[Note 3] I also just found out our postal system is in jeopardy because they’re not paying their fair share.‍[Note 4]

I should’ve just shelled out the money for a metronome that’s made in Germany, or made in Japan, or just really made in anywhere but that cheater country. A basic plastic-cased Wittner, a lot prettier than this, is only about $74.


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