Ambrose Li

Google considered harmful

Google has become a fucking piece of garbage.

Yes, I’m in Canada and they’re blocking us. But there’s more: They aren’t even blocking us correctly. Yes, the quality of their work has become so bad they don’t even know how to block Canada.

But look: Type in some search terms and get some results. Now type new search terms based on those results. They pop up unhelpful “suggestions” that make it impossible to see what you’re supposed to type. And those “suggestions”? I’ve never seen any useful ones; some are outright offensive.

Look: That info box that pops up in the right? 99% of the time it’s irrelevant or outright wrong; we don’t even have the option of telling them it’s irrelevant or wrong.

Look: Those omitted results that they claim are omitted because they are “similar”? 99% of the time they’re not similar at all.

See? Whatever they’re drinking, Google is full of their own Kool-aid. They’re so full of it that the thought that their results have become garbage has never even crossed their minds.

And I’ve not even talked about DMARC or Recaptcha.

I used to love Google; now I hate them. They’re still in business only because they’ve become a monopoly.