Ambrose Li

The year so far

(updated )

I mentioned I went to McQuade’s on New Year’s Eve and got two books; one of the two was Classical Guitar Repertoire and Etudes, 2018 Edition, from The Royal Conservatory.

Obviously, I got the one that’s at the lowest possible level “prep” but at least, for the past few days I have actually started trying to play from it.

(Not on a classical which I don’t have —, but on an acoustic. Yes, I just got my bloody finger today.)

Today I got to page 8 and started trying to play First Exercise on the E String by Johann Kaspar Mertz. So far I like this the most not like the first two that sound to me like they’re overly sad; this one actually sounds nice. (The third one sounds nice too, but this sounds even nicer.)

Two other things have also restarted‍[Note 1]; next to restart will be some form of visual art.

Not really a New Year resolution per se, but I really want to keep everything that’s been restarted going. And yes, it looks like I’ve successfully stopped Wikipedia too (thanks to the cyberbullies that made this possible?).

Off to a good-ish start? After seeing my birthplace fall, after covid lockdowns, maybe I can finally get going again.

I hope things start going well before the world falls apart.


  1. One is reading the bible. As of January 23, I have already forgotten what the second thing was.