Ambrose Li

Consonance and dissonance

Like many Asian kids, I played the piano when I was small. I gave up when I failed grade four.

Meanwhile, when I was in university I marvelled at my friends who could play the guitar, improvise at the keyboard, or sing harmony by ear.

At one point, I think, one of my friends told me learning music theory would help. But I did learn some music theory when I learnt the piano! but I never understood the point of it.

I guess I’m now playing catch-up. I don’t hope to master this craft (it does seem to me to be a craft) but all I want is to emulate “continental” clock chimes‍[Note 1] and get something that sounds convincing enough to myself.

So here’s roughly what I’ve read so far:

Annotated bibliography



Miscellaneous (mostly sites I found while looking up unexplained terms)


  1. William Wooding Starmer, “Continental chimes and chime tunes,” Proceedings of the Musical Association 36, no. 1 (April 19, 1910): 93–107, https://​ia800708​.us​.archive​.org/​view​_​archive​.php​?​archive​=​/​22/​items/​crossref​-pre​-1909​-scholarly​-works/​10​.1093%252​Fjhered%252​Fos​-3​.1​.263​.zip&file​=​10​.1093%252​Fjrma%252​F36​.1​.93​.pdf.