Ambrose Li

End of the tunnel in sight after almost half a year

(updated )

My prototype for a wall calendar version of 2022 08 04 A is, for all practical purposes, done. Trial print #7 was printed half an hour ago, around ten minutes to seven; it was bon à tirer.

I believe getting the Epson was the catalyst that made this finally happen. It’s not the model I had in mind (this one can’t print ledger size), but it’s good enough.

I just need to figure out a way to add crop marks‍[Note 1] and the wall calendar version is “done” done. I’ll have one day to convert this to something that can be used for an organizer, if I want the main layout to be ready before New Year’s Day, year 40 in the current sexagenary cycle.

An organizer should be ready before New Year is considered over; it will be numbered 2022 08 04 B.


  1. This needs to be figured out because the project, in its current state, is pure HTML + CSS. It is not LaTeX, the final format I was aiming for, nor InDesign XML, the format I had been using and that I thought I would fall back onto.