Ambrose Li
The thing that died today

The JVC finally died

Every time I went to Steve’s‍[Note 1] to ask about connecting the JVC to the mixer I was asked to take a picture of the back. I’ve been procrastinating because it was tightly snuck into a shelf and it’s a hassle to get at the back. Now this is no longer necessary because the thing just died.

This isn’t even mine; my brother bought it years ago and left it with me when he moved out. So many pieces of it had already stopped working over the years I’ve been using it just as a set of (very loud) speakers. Today, the last piece, the power amp, finally gave up the ghost.

I suspect the computer’s on-board audio killed it. Yester­day I heard a buzzing noise that continued for hours so I turned it off. Today I tried turning it on again, heard the same buzzing, turned it off, then on again, then the LED screen went blank. I tried to connect computer speakers to the on-board audio; it worked at first, then the same buzzing noise. So... no computer speakers, or no more on-board audio...

Next time when I’m at Steve’s I’ll be asking a new ques­tion: Is it possible to connect unpowered speakers like, the kind that take bare wires to a mixer?

PS: On another note, my phone updated itself today and USB file transfer no longer works. I hate Google so much.


  1. Steve’s is a music store. They sell mainly instruments and some equipment you use for recording etc.