Ambrose Li

MIC or not MIC, that is the question

I went to McQuade’s‍[Note 1] today to check out mixers. (I would probably have gone to Steve’s, except I know the mic department at Steve’s isn’t staffed on Sundays). They were having “Boxing Week Sale” really putting out tons of second-hand gear that people usually wouldn’t ask about. I was looking through all those pre-owned mixers and mics for a long time, and at the end, I was seriously considering one of the used mixers (slightly above my budget, thus the long time) from the brand I’m already using when I noticed the back.

Then I was like, never mind.

I decided to hop next doors to go see some guitars instead (and straps I never knew straps were so expensive and electric guitars so heavy), then hop next doors again to see some keyboards. At the end I bought two books, because, you know, new year.

When I got back home I decided to double-check what I have. There. The first one I got was NMIC the reason I decided to stay with the brand —; but the second one, from the same brand, was MIC.

I sometimes really feel Germany or maybe the entire EU for that matter is some sort of a fantasy land. Things clearly aren’t the same here in Canada. Everything here is still MIC.

The Signature 10 is really quite a nice piece of gear. It has two aux buses and proper mute buttons (things I don’t have and sort of need so it would have been definitely an upgrade‍[Note 2]), and it has a proper power plug.

Apparently, to fix my JVC situation I also need a power amp, which McQuade’s sells for a few hundred bucks; they at first suggested I got something at Bay Bloor Radio, but I went there afterwards and everything there was just way out of my budget not to mention they don’t actually have standalone power amps.

Until I get around the fact that we really don’t have choice here, I guess.


  1. Long and McQuade’s is another music store, but it’s a much larger chain than Steve’s. The one I usually go to, which is about five minutes away from Ossington station, spans six floors in three buildings.
  2. Although I’ve already used up all my inputs on my Notepad-12 so the Signature 10 wouldn’t be able to actually replace the Notepad. But I need an additional mixer, not a replacement, so it’s okay.